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Word Example of - desertion

    Example Sentences for desertion

    The desertion of the king appears to have terrified rather than angered the nation.

    Your father has made up to us both for his cruelty and desertion.

    Misfortune in the family, or the lack of children, may be the reason for the desertion.

    It was not a case of desertion; and if it had been it seems to me she was consoled.

    Sickness, desertion, and the loss sustained at Guilford Courthouse had reduced his little army.

    “I have perceived some signs of desertion in a house or two that we have passed,” said Azua.

    Limited for cruelty, reasonable apprehension of bodily hurt, desertion.

    And you can actually expect that I—of all people—will back you up in your desertion of him?

    He could never atone for the desertion on their wedding day.

    No, I'll give no one an opportunity to accuse me of desertion in the face of the enemy.

Word Origin & History of - desertion

    Word Origin & History

    desertion 1590s, from Fr. désertion (early 15c.), from L. desertionem, noun of action from deserere (see desert (v.)).