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What is a better word for deserved? What's another word for deserved? What are 5 "deserved synonyms"? How can I replace the word deserved? What is the meaning of deserved in English?

Word Example of - deserved

    Example Sentences for deserved

    I examined this shred of skin with all the care that it deserved.

    It had the success which it deserved, being five times printed.

    I have no doubt of that, and so she died as she deserved to die.'

    Under other circumstances, he would have said that the Spaniard deserved to win.

    You have done more for me than I expected, and a hundred times more than I deserved.

    If sides had been changed, he would have been a rebel, and would have deserved a rebel's doom.

    I endeavoured to reprove him as he deserved, for I regretted the loss of my Bible.

    But Father Gatto replied: 'No, no; you have deserved something better than that.'

    He had a sense of being treated like a child by this woman who had deserved he did not know what.

    I work for the public good and my popularity comes as it is earned and deserved.

Word Origin & History of - deserved

    Word Origin & History

    deserve late 13c., from O.Fr. deservir, from L. deservire "serve well," from de- "completely" + servire "to serve." From "be entitled to because of good service" (s sense found in L.L.), meaning generalized c.1300 to "be worthy of."