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Word Example of - deserving

    Example Sentences for deserving

    Adieu, most distinguished sir, deserving in many ways of my hearty reverence.

    As such he was deserving of such punishment as the law decreed and no more.

    Why, it is an army in itself, in the hands of a general at all deserving of that name.

    The King believed you alike dangerous and deserving of punishment.

    The President was interested, as in all such cases where a deserving life and a sorrowing woman were at stake.

    I can say that my crime is not a punishable one, and yet I feel that I am deserving of censure.

    But this conclusion, involving the belief that inherited sin is infinite, and deserving of infinite punishment, appals the mind.

    They always have, by the by—sure sign that he is deserving of good luck.

    A very small proportion of the deserving deeds were rewarded for this reason.

    We get wages as we deserve them, but a gift has nothing to do with deserving.

Word Origin & History of - deserving

    Word Origin & History

    deserve late 13c., from O.Fr. deservir, from L. deservire "serve well," from de- "completely" + servire "to serve." From "be entitled to because of good service" (s sense found in L.L.), meaning generalized c.1300 to "be worthy of."