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What is a better word for design? What's another word for design? What are 5 "design synonyms"? How can I replace the word design? What is the meaning of design in English?

Word Example of - design

    Example Sentences for design

    He meant that the Right alone did wrong with premeditation and design.

    Betty was not long before she decided he was keeping some part of his design from her.

    I design to engage Ben Tooke, and then receive the parchment from her.

    He would tell us the history of every design and of every model or pot in it.

    The design of the stamp was simply adapted from that of the discarded 12d.

    Some he eliminated from his design, stowing them back in the pockets easiest to reach.

    Mrs. Netherton: The cupboard was part of the design, was it not?

    The machinery of the councils was set in motion only to defeat their design.

    By accident or design, Grace Suffield and her cousin took their leave at the same time as the old priest.

    The object of the painter's design seems to have been the glorification of Music.

Word Origin & History of - design

    Word Origin & History

    design 1540s, from L. designare "mark out, devise," from de- "out" + signare "to mark," from signum "a mark, sign." Originally in English with the meaning now attached to designate; many modern uses of design are metaphoric extensions.