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Word Example of - designate

    Example Sentences for designate

    As to its ulterior evolution, I may designate two forms which the system has been invited to assume.

    The age in which Gay wrote was eminently what we now designate as conservative.

    Every word employed to designate things, or name them, is to be ranked in the class called nouns, or names.

    They take the orders, designate raw materials, equipment, manpower.

    Will it be believed that the General used it to designate the family of this virtuous country gentleman?

    This name was really given to designate any species of large serpent.

    There being no name on the map for this creek, it was named Bitter Cottonwood Creek to designate it in our future travel.

    The papers left with me do not designate the regiment to which he belongs.

    It is convenient in speaking of these several forms of speech as a class, to designate them by the term Iranian.

    It is customary to designate self-pollution as among the "vices."

Word Origin & History of - designate

    Word Origin & History

    designate 1640s, from L. designatus, pp. of designare (see design).

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