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Word Example of - desist

    Example Sentences for desist

    A policeman is called and the officer gives the woman notice that he will arrest her if she does not desist.

    He is about to shoot it when it warns him to desist, or it will cost him his life.

    The remonstrative shouts of his friends, however, induced him to desist, and he sat down to work in a less perilous position.

    These, although he could not help feeling them, did not cause him to desist.

    Batista some years, during which he continued to paint, and to form pupils, until infirmity and old age compelled him to desist.

    This shows that fatigue alone made her desist from her beloved work.

    I command you, positively, Gid, to desist from this criminal interference.'

    At length Guapo was seen to desist, and walk boldly out from his ambush.

    Don't ask me to desist; there is a—hum—a general principle involved here, which rises even above considerations of—ha—hospitality.

    They compelled the emperor's guards to desist from their violence, and retire.

Word Origin & History of - desist

    Word Origin & History

    desist 1459, from M.Fr. desister (1358), from L. desistere, from de- "off" + sistere "stop, come to a stand" (see assist).

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