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Word Example of - desolation

    Example Sentences for desolation

    It recalls the descriptions in the Hebrew prophets of the desolation coming upon Nineveh.

    To the sisters there seemed a world of desolation in these words.

    When the parties met at the corner they separated and each groped his way homeward through the desert of desolation.

    That you can deny me in this the hour of my desolation is unthinkable.

    With my thumb and finger I annihilated the laborious monuments of centuries, and saw havoc and desolation in our wake.

    He begins by filling her soul with a sense of desolation and loneliness.

    The whole region had been swept by fire: thousands of giant trunks stood blackened and lifeless, the picture of desolation.

    Cecil is out on the porch, in the last stages of desolation.

    I pictured to myself the Count's desolation and distress on discovering that I had been stolen from him.

    "You are aware that he has comforted himself in his desolation," Mackinnon replied.

Word Origin & History of - desolation

    Word Origin & History

    desolation late 14c., "action of laying waste," also "sorrow, grief," from Fr. désolation (12c.), from L. desolationem, noun of action from desolare (see desolate). Meaning "condition of being ruined or wasted" is from early 15c.

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