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Word Example of - desperation

    Example Sentences for desperation

    He said this in a tone of desperation which amused them all very much.

    For the second time in my desperation, I entered the garden.

    In desperation I raised her and hung her over my shoulder, rising at the same time and walking up and down the aisle.

    At last in desperation she turned the handle and stepped inside.

    Such amazing courage was but desperation and a complete ignorance of the place they were in.

    But she did not get far, for at that word Ruth started to her feet in desperation.

    Her desperation, however, would not let her give way to fear, so she set forth to look for another house.

    The extravagances of a month swamped him; the drink and desperation of the next ruined him.

    "Mebbe I ain't," returned the lad, with the desperation of a cornered rat.

    There was yet one thing, and one thing only, to be tried, and it was truly the refuge of desperation.

Word Origin & History of - desperation

    Word Origin & History

    desperation mid-14c., from L. desperationem, noun of action from desperare "lose hope" (see despair).

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