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The Synonym of - despondency (noun)

Word Example of - despondency

    Example Sentences for despondency

    We recollect sharing in the despondency, and even despair, which paralysed our party.

    It had been watched with alternate hope, doubt, and despondency.

    "I have heard nothing," exclaimed he, with a sigh of despondency.

    By rapid walking in the heat Shelton had got rid of his despondency.

    How long I had passed in this state of despondency I knew not; but it was long past noon when I rallied myself.

    This despondency was known to me, but I had no idea it cut so deep.

    You were in my mind last night, and you brought a little boat to sail me past despondency of life and the fear of extinction.

    Despondency is the most unprofitable feeling a man can indulge in.

    I have now told you all, Makar Alexievitch, and feel sure that you will understand my despondency.

    His very features have an expression of sorrow and despondency.

Word Origin & History of - despondency

    Word Origin & History

    despondency 1650s, from despondence.

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