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The Synonym of - destitution (noun)

Word Example of - destitution

    Example Sentences for destitution

    Mrs. Connery died of destitution, and three of his daughters, young and beautiful girls, were transported as slaves to Barbadoes.

    In every part of the city scenes of destitution, misery and woe met the eye.

    The suffering of the refugees, due to destitution and exposure, was something horrible to think upon.

    How can you raise the child of destitution and guilt to your own rank?

    Reports of superintendents and teachers as to how they do it, or reports of the destitution, wants, or difficulties.

    I do not know if I ever felt such an utter sense of destitution as at that moment.

    Destitution is fearfully prolific; this is shown by statistics.

    But if you will not come, take my word for the state of their destitution.

    How in the name of heaven, came you reduced, with three children, to such a state of want and destitution?

    Nor is there anything which is more characteristic of destitution than this sentiment.

Word Origin & History of - destitution

    Word Origin & History of - destitution

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