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Word Example of - destroy

    Example Sentences for destroy

    I assume 85 that you are a gentleman and will not destroy my letter.

    "I have no orders, except to sink and destroy," replied Erskine between his teeth.

    Why did he fill the world with his own children, knowing that he would have to destroy them?

    He thought Jessop might destroy it; but there was no fight in the mariner.

    They burn, they destroy the dwellings in which he has taken up his abode.

    I believe in improving this breed of men, not trying to destroy them.

    This difference one should not, one can not, forget or destroy; and it would be sinful to do so.

    They will probably not harm adult fish, but they will destroy ova and fry.

    Why should God be angry at your voice, and destroy the work of your hands?

    Oft, oft, her ownself to destroy, Her own hand nature does employ.

Word Origin & History of - destroy

    Word Origin & History

    destroy earlly 13c., from O.Fr. destruire, from V.L. *destrugerie (infl. by destructos), from L. destruere "tear down, demolish," lit. "un-build," from de- "un-, down" + struere "to pile, build" (see structure).

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