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Word Example of - destruction

    Example Sentences for destruction

    There would not have been any destruction of property whatever.

    But that was the last act of destruction that the Banshee was destined to accomplish.

    He must be aware of no less a thing than the destruction of the past.

    All this because of the destruction of an American battleship in the harbor of Havana.

    Discovering subsequently, however, that the strangers were Christians, the shah contrived a plot for their destruction.

    More and more the Dwarfs were delighted at the destruction they were making.

    If so and the opposition is astonishing then surely there is that destruction and no suspicion is more, there is a report.

    But with the advent of the white man and the destruction of the game all this was changed.

    She delights in the destruction of human handiwork, and is therefore portrayed with a sternly beautiful though cruel countenance.

    That which we desired for our safety has proved our destruction.

Word Origin & History of - destruction

    Word Origin & History

    destruction early 14c., from L. destructionem, from stem of destruere "tear down" (see destroy).

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