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Word Example of - destructive

    Example Sentences for destructive

    As a bit of destructive criticism, this was complete and perfect.

    Taboos may be divided into two classes, protective and destructive.

    Even when the young trees fail them, and no tender bark is to be had, the Field-mice can still exert their destructive powers.

    This pursuit of pleasure for pleasure's sake is delusive and destructive.

    Why is it that "the stranger" is associated with revolutions and destructive forces in the group?

    Most destructive of all were the flocks of parrots; they wasted more than they ate.

    The real and ultimate power is that of the affirmative; the negative is destructive, the affirmative is constructive.

    Giving forth, we automatically ward off the destructive thoughts.

    The wars between Sparta and Athens were the most destructive and tragic of all in this respect.

    The district is exposed to drought and also to destructive floods.

Word Origin & History of - destructive

    Word Origin & History

    destructive late 15c., from O.Fr. destructif (14c.), from L. destructivus, from destruct-, pp. stem of destruere (see destroy).

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