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Word Example of - detachment

    Example Sentences for detachment

    The detachment started up the path at a run, eager for the hunt.

    As these could not be our men, we knew the enemy were endeavoring to surround the detachment.

    The firemen had not yet come, though it was rumoured that a detachment was on the way.

    Jezef took it with the detachment that still irritated Tulan.

    She, while straining her ears to listen, therefore maintained an air of detachment.

    This task was successfully accomplished by a detachment of our cruisers.

    The next day at the rising of the moon, as had been agreed, the Jester ordered his detachment to set out.

    But this was not all, no warning had yet been sent to a third detachment which had been left on the coast.

    Hers was a detachment which the rest of the audience would gladly have shared.

    The detachment of the outlying portions of the empire followed.

Word Origin & History of - detachment

    Word Origin & History

    detachment 1660s, "action of detaching," from Fr. détachement (17c.), from détacher (see detach). Meaning "portion of a military force" is from 1670s; that of "aloofness from objects or circumstances" is from 1798.

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