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What is a better word for detail? What's another word for detail? What are 5 "detail synonyms"? How can I replace the word detail? What is the meaning of detail in English?

Word Example of - detail

    Example Sentences for detail

    Philip then entered into a detail of what our readers are acquainted with.

    Bruce could think of no detail that Dill had overlooked when he was done.

    Her practised eye took in every detail of her appearance, and every detail was right.

    But to give an idea of these different regions, they must be described in detail.

    I had forgotten one detail in the excitement, and this threw me off.

    We have not the thing to do all at once; we have to do it in detail.

    Or one might catch a detail to unload freight, or stand guard on the dock.

    His look traveled up and down One-Eye, not missing a detail.

    We shall not follow out in detail the shifting phases of the negotiation, but we will come at once to its closing passage.

    Of Mr. Blowter's adventures it is unnecessary to tell in detail.

Word Origin & History of - detail

    Word Origin & History

    detail 1603, from Fr. détail, from O.Fr. detail "small piece or quantity," from detaillier "cut in pieces," from de- "entirely" + taillier "to cut in pieces." Modern sense is from Fr. en détail "piece by piece, item by item" (as opposed to en gros), a commercial term used where we would today use retail. Military sense is 1708, from notion of "distribution in detail of the daily orders first given in general," including assignment of specific duties. The verb is from 1637.