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Word Example of - detain

    Example Sentences for detain

    Margaret still held the King's hand, and sought to detain him.

    I need not detain you with a description of my voyage down Channel.

    You want to get away from this, I suppose; and as nobody wants to detain you, the thing is easy enough.

    "Let me detain you one instant," said Josephine, and made for the house.

    To the other priests and his wife who sought to detain him, he had answered, "Where the flock is there should the shepherd be!"

    "That need not detain us a single day," I replied, decidedly.

    I waited some ten minutes, when I heard B. say he did not see what could detain his wife so long.

    There was nothing to detain him in this weather and at this season.

    The argument founded on the derogatory word "person" need not detain us.

    Yet, despite their interest as curiosities, their art need not detain us here.

Word Origin & History of - detain

    Word Origin & History

    detain mid-15c., from M.Fr. detenir, from O.Fr. detenir "to hold off, keep back" (12c.), from L. detinere "hold off, keep back," from de- "from, away" + tenere "to hold" (see tenet). Related: Detainee (1928).