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Word Example of - detention

    Example Sentences for detention

    The first witness called was one of those who had attacked the House of Detention and been wounded.

    The two hours of detention were over, and the struggle was over too.

    This detention was extremely vexatious, as we were losing a fair wind, and expending our provision.

    Are you sending the officers to the same place of detention that you are sending my men?

    I succeeded, fortunately, for otherwise I should have had to submit to a detention of several days.

    The voyage home was almost as trying as their detention in the ice.

    The first public institution for the detention of juvenile criminals was opened at Parkhurst in 1838.

    That detention for bad marks given by Miss Henniker be abolished.

    On the demand of the young lady herself, her punishment was increased by royal warrant to detention with the Penitents at Angers.

    My anxiety, my dear Sir, on the detention of the Morocco treaty is inexpressible.

Word Origin & History of - detention

    Word Origin & History

    detention mid-15c., from M.Fr. detention, from L.L. detentionem (nom. detentio), from L. detinere (see detain). Sense of "confinement" first used c.1570 in reference to Mary Queen of Scots. In reference to school punishment, recorded from 1882.

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