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Word Example of - deteriorate

    Example Sentences for deteriorate

    It is less expensive than rubber hose, and does not deteriorate.

    The result is that it is all far from good and likely to deteriorate rather than to improve.

    Nor did I allow myself to deteriorate without reactions and excursions into better things.

    If it be what is called hard-pan, the trees will deteriorate.

    Madder does not deteriorate by keeping, provided it be kept dry.

    To go back to the Middle Ages would be to deteriorate and degenerate.

    The rations appeared to deteriorate and diminish as the winter advanced.

    It was the first card to deteriorate that square that has fallen from grace.

    Given Life, Nature by her methods of Disease is able to eliminate stock too deteriorate for, or beside her purpose.

    Then we gradually awaken to the fact that our ambition is beginning to deteriorate.

Word Origin & History of - deteriorate

    Word Origin & History

    deteriorate 1570s, from L.L. deterioratus, pp. of deteriorare "get worse," from L. deterior "worse," contrastive of *deter "bad, lower," from PIE *de-tero-, from demonstrative stem *de- (see de). Originally transitive in English; intransitive sense is from 1758.

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