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Word Example of - deterioration

    Example Sentences for deterioration

    It is inexpressible how much this infirmity adds to a sense of shame, and a general feeling of deterioration.

    In the preliminary operations this deterioration was not apparent.

    There is no more reason in the nature of the case for improvement than for deterioration.

    The reason for this deterioration is not difficult to comprehend.

    And yet the deterioration of the Roman State is visibly as sure a sequence as its progress.

    The strong, pure heart had undergone a change, but not a deterioration.

    And that—between ourselves be it said, Eusebius—is, I think, a strong proof of our deterioration.

    Not that she was in the least aware of the deterioration of her character.

    So much for the deterioration of moral fibre under the strain of Spanish dog.

    And why is it the monks, above all, who contribute to the deterioration of faith? '

Word Origin & History of - deterioration

    Word Origin & History

    deterioration 1650s, from Fr. déterioration (15c.), noun of action from détériorer, from L.L. deteriorare (see deteriorate).

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