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Word Example of - determinant

    Example Sentences for determinant

    It belongs to the general type in so far as it is discussed above, but the roots of the determinant are in involution.

    We have already indicated that soil is a determinant in the choice of varieties.

    Now under these laws the Judgement is determinant, for it has nothing to do but to subsume under given laws.

    For it is not a principle of the determinant but merely of the reflective Judgement.

    If that proportion is altered, so also is the character of the determinant.

    It follows that if two rows (or two columns) are identical, the determinant is zero.

    Decomposition of a Determinant into complementary Determinants.

    Organic Dualism is a third determinant of activity, and thus also a source of spatial ideas.

    Thus the interchange of two rows (and similarly of two columns) changes the sign of the determinant.

    The fallacy seems to lie in supposing that the New Testament has ever been a determinant in these matters.

Word Origin & History of - determinant

    Word Origin & History

    determinant from L. determinantem (nom. determinans), prp. of determinare (see determine).

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