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Word Example of - determinate

    Example Sentences for determinate

    This is in many cases false; for we not only think that we think, but that we think a determinate thing.

    It is, in fact, determinate, because the statute prescribes its limit.

    They are imperative and proceed from 573 a determinate source, but they have no legal or political sanction.

    The given is undoubtedly just what it is; it is determinate throughout.

    The thing thought is a determinate intelligence, just as it is a determinate life.

    It is life which gives to every other possession its determinate value.

    The intermediate dialogues present no convincing grounds for any determinate order.

    But of two opposites, if the one be fixed and determinate, the other must be fixed and determinate also.

    He had defined soul as the first actualization of a body having potentiality of life with a determinate organism.

    To theology, God is determinate; to doubt, imperfect if determinate.

Word Origin & History of - determinate

    Word Origin & History

    determinate c.1600, from L. determinatus, pp. of determinare (see determine).

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