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The Synonym of - determining (adjective)

Word Example of - determining

    Example Sentences for determining

    There is some difficulty in determining the exact date of this celebrated engagement.

    Environment and inclination are factors in determining the standard of some people.

    It is a question then, of determining in what society it would have that price which in existing society is denied it.

    The new-comer did not alight (it couldn't), and there was no determining its sex.

    What power for attack and destruction the enemy had, we had no means of determining.

    There was but one way of determining the point satisfactorily.

    He finally suggested that diet was the chief factor in determining the span of life.

    There remained only the task of determining what form American imperialism should take.

    Have express and adequate criteria for determining upon sterilization.

    This classification is applied in determining the destiny of the soul after death.

Word Origin & History of - determining

    Word Origin & History

    determine late 14c., "to come to an end," also "to settle, decide," from O.Fr. determiner (12c.), from L. determinare "set limits to," from de- "off" + terminare "to mark the end or boundary," from terminus "end, limit." Sense of "coming to a firm decision" (to do something) is from mid-15c. Related: Determiner.

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