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The Synonym of - dethrone (verb)

Word Example of - dethrone

    Example Sentences for dethrone

    Nothing can dethrone that needful basic instinct to keep in order and perfect the tail.

    When the latter so arrogantly assumed the command, Hiens became very restive, and was waiting for an opportunity to dethrone him.

    In this world he is king, and only profane hands would dare attempt to dethrone him.

    She will again seek to dethrone Religion, and enthrone Reason.

    The Parliament and the barons remonstrated, and threatened to dethrone Henry, if he persevered in being governed by foreigners.

    So it is with all the holy things of God: if I dethrone them they will uncrown me.

    Was it worth while to dethrone Spencer in order to defend the action of a child's disordered mind.

    And destiny is but the phantom we invoke to silence the one, to dethrone the other!

    Nothing will dethrone reason more quickly than starvation and neglect.

    In his case, it was to dethrone Somerset, and step into his place.

Word Origin & History of - dethrone

    Word Origin & History

    dethrone 1609, from de- + throne.

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