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Word Example of - detour

    Example Sentences for detour

    I pushed on a bit now, making a detour to the north, and soon saw the main road bridge over the river.

    We might make a detour and get into the road again later on.

    Get out your detour map, approach this proposition by any route of reasoning you please, and you will reach the same conclusion.

    But we have learned our lesson, and this morning we made a detour and have got past them.

    It became necessary to make a detour, and by rapid marches head them near Hazel Green.

    The tide had come in and I had to make quite a detour to get to you.

    Sometimes this rogue takes me on a detour of two leagues just so that he can go and drink with a friend.

    Sarka had noted where the end of it had been, and started to detour, his eyes on the floor.

    And to Fred's delight, though he concealed it, they would make this detour.

    These hills are exceedingly varied, so that the detour of the place is very pleasing.

Word Origin & History of - detour

    Word Origin & History

    detour 1738, from Fr. détour, from O.Fr. destour, from destourner "turn aside," from des- "aside" + tourner "to turn" (see turn). The verb is attested from 1836.

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