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Word Example of - detract

    Example Sentences for detract

    Detract′ive, Detrac′tious, Detract′ory, tending to detract: derogatory.

    But the admission does not detract from the genuine merits of the poem.

    The dropping minutes, however, detract one by one from her individuality and threaten to sink her in her sex entirely.

    The simplicity of the style does not in the least detract from the fullness of the charm.

    All this failed to detract from his initial dislike of young Polder.

    It is idle to detract from the fame of one man because he is not some one else.

    The incident had tended further to detract from the romance of the country.

    But that did not detract at all from Martha's enjoyment of the rides.

    But her inability to obey her father did not detract from the fear which her disobedience caused her.

    For several miles you feel that there is nothing to detract from the spell of the sea.

Word Origin & History of - detract

    Word Origin & History

    detract c.1500, from L. detractus, pp. of detrahere "to draw off" (see detraction).

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