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Word Example of - detraction

    Example Sentences for detraction

    But even among the pure there is room for envy and detraction.

    If I differ from high authority, I have not a thought of detraction.

    It is very absurd to consider criticism that is not always favourable, detraction.

    It was no detraction from its merit that it might be all acting, for it was still "high art."

    Detraction is a vice unknown even amongst the women; and falsehood is particularly odious to them.

    Mention not a blemish which is thy own in detraction of a neighbour.

    Lady Petulant has by the use of it cured her husband of jealousy, and Lady Gad her whole neighbourhood of detraction.

    The indication is that the writer had in his mind the beast of fanaticism and detraction.

    He could not bear the thought of one iota of detraction from her honor, her dignity or her welfare.

    Le Mercier dedicated his book, on Detraction, to his people.

Word Origin & History of - detraction

    Word Origin & History

    detraction mid-14c., from O.Fr. detractiun, from L. detractionem, from detrahere "take down, pull down, disparage," from de- "down" + trahere "to pull" (see tract (1)). The fem. form detractress is attested from 1716.

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