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Word Example of - detrimental

    Example Sentences for detrimental

    Too much rain at the beginning of the season is detrimental to the growth, while a very dry season is disastrous.

    The army and navy also exert a detrimental action on sexual life.

    The boiling process is also detrimental to the texture of the bone.

    That brings about a confusion and a disorder which must be detrimental.

    These requirements so needed by other conifer seeds and seedlings are detrimental to the lodge-pole.

    All their effect on him was detrimental: they turned him black.

    The contrary course now pursued so frequently is most detrimental to morals.

    The chemical action of the sun's rays is detrimental to combustion.

    The fraud so often practiced by unscrupulous parties has always been detrimental to the efficacy of the bounty system.

    Like various other vestiges of ancient organs, it is not only useless but detrimental.

Word Origin & History of - detrimental

    Word Origin & History of detrimental

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