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Word Example of - developing

    Example Sentences for developing

    Very much struck with this hint of discovery, I turned my attention to the means of developing it.

    But the results of this step were quick in developing themselves.

    I have not tried it for developing in the wax-paper or other paper process.

    Some of my youthful readers are developing wonderful imaginations.

    Developing Colonial trade, she extended her home industries.

    There was developing at the North a profound sentiment for attacking slavery.

    He seemed to be developing some of the characteristics of his father.

    It also assists in developing their sense of responsibility.

    Symptoms were now developing of a serious headache such as I had experienced once before in hospital.

    In the morning I will photograph these marks and you can do the developing of the films.

Word Origin & History of - developing

    Word Origin & History

    develop 1650s, "unroll, unfold," from Fr. developper, replacing English disvelop (1590s, from M.Fr. desveloper), both from O.Fr. desveloper, from des- "undo" + veloper "wrap up," of uncertain origin, possibly Celtic or Germanic. Modern figurative use is 18c. The photographic sense is from 1845; the real estate sense is from 1890.

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