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Word Example of - development

    Example Sentences for development

    This is the development of Jewish poetry during its great period.

    This furnished an interest which impelled to development of the kin idea.

    In development and conditions they rank with the immigrant from northwestern Europe.

    The reaction was favorable to a development of sensuality and materialism; also of art.

    A study of its structure, development, bionomics, and economy.

    The shouts of wonder and delight with which the development of every package was received!

    This constitutes one point in which her development is so remarkable.

    It will be noticed that this method calls for a one-minute development.

    Follow the development through the Tuesday evenings of a lifetime.

    You must make allowances for development in the course of a story.

Word Origin & History of - development

    Word Origin & History

    development 1756, "an unfolding, from develop + -ment). Of property, with the sense "bringing out the latent possibilities," from 1885. Meaning "state of economic advancement" is from 1902. Meaning "advancement through progressive stages" is 1836.

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