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Word Example of - devise

    Example Sentences for devise

    On gaining the pine grove, a council was held to devise what was the most prudent step to take.

    He used all means that he could devise to ascertain whether it were indeed so.

    Happy will be the man who can devise truly available means of supplying this grand want in our Work-World!

    The flowers have therefore to devise a means for the transport of the pollen.

    It now remains for some inventor of Einsteinian proclivities to devise one in several dimensions!

    A citizens' meeting has been called to devise means to aid the sufferers.

    But let them be united and continuous, and you have a hell that no grown-up devil can devise.

    Let us, therefore, devise some means to remove the emperor out of our way.

    It is difficult to devise effectual means of dealing with these plunderers.

    Devise, wit; write, pen; for I am for whole volumes in folio.

Word Origin & History of - devise

    Word Origin & History

    devise c.1300, from O.Fr. deviser "dispose in portions, arrange, plan, contrive," from V.L. *divisare, freq. of L. dividere "to divide" (see divide). Modern sense is from "to arrange a division" (especially via a will), a meaning present in the O.Fr. word.