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Word Example of - diagnosis

    Example Sentences for diagnosis

    Where the intrauterine existence of a single monster is suspected the X-ray will at times clear up the diagnosis.

    Bentham's diagnosis of the evil explains his later attitude.

    The diagnosis of hysteria was established by the absence of any evidence of organic disease and by the history of the case.

    The diagnosis should always be confirmed by bacteriologic examination.

    They had no medical knowledge, and therefore their diagnosis could only have been very conjectural.

    My diagnosis was paresis of the muscularis of the intestine.

    Yet within a few months the diagnosis was completely falsified.

    Then I saw it again today and discovered that my first diagnosis was wrong.

    In the preface to this work he puts forward a vigorous plea for the extended use of anatomy in reaching a diagnosis.

    Their diagnosis, therefore, implies agnosis, or ignorance too great to be forgiven.

Word Origin & History of - diagnosis

    Word Origin & History

    diagnosis 1680s, medical application of Gk. diagnosis "a discerning, distinguishing," from diagignoskein "discern, distinguish," from dia- "apart" + gignoskein "to learn" (see gnostic).