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What is a better word for diagrammatic? What's another word for diagrammatic? What are 5 "diagrammatic synonyms"? How can I replace the word diagrammatic? What is the meaning of diagrammatic in English?

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    A diagrammatic map of the trapping grid was drawn to scale with one centimeter equal to 100 linear feet.

    Rostafinski's figure 158 can only be regarded as ideal or diagrammatic.

    Diagrammatic sections of Amphioxus in its early stages (founded upon Kowalevsky's observations).

    A summary of this history in graphic and diagrammatic form is given in Fig. 7.

    The complicated problem of accumulation is thus converted into a diagrammatic progression of surprising simplicity.

    Our ideas of the course of descent must of necessity be diagrammatic.

    Diagrammatic projection of the vascular system of the yolk sac of a somewhat older embryo.

    In Fig. 12 there is given a diagrammatic representation of the relationships found in the case of p-azoxyanisole.

    Fig. 122 B is a diagrammatic representation of the adult eye of a Gasteropod.

    Fig. 113 is a diagrammatic sketch of the model for carnallite looked at sideways from above.

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