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The Synonym of - dial (noun)

Word Example of - dial

    Example Sentences for dial

    "Now then, let me have a look at this," he said, returning to the dial.

    He examined the dial readings, frowned incredulously, then turned.

    The dial, therefore, would enable the carriage to be engaged with the lead-screw at points equal to a travel of one-half inch.

    At nine o'clock the needle on the dial climbed past seventy-five.

    The voltage can be regulated from zero to one thousand volts by simply setting a dial.

    It pointed to a spot just two marks above the number ten on the dial.

    In utter silence, Ward darted over and began to spin the dial.

    The patent or towing log consists of a dial, line and rotator.

    During this time the case and the dial cannot be said to possess the high artistic qualities found in the earlier period.

    Next he pulled out his watch and ran his finger round its dial twice.

Word Origin & History of - dial

    Word Origin & History

    dial 1430, apparently from M.L. dialis "daily," from L. dies "day" (see diurnal). The M.L. was probably abstracted from a phrase such as rota dialis "daily wheel," and the earliest sense was "a sundial." It evolved to mean any round plate over which something rotates, including the telephone sense, from 1879, which led to the verb (1923) and to dial tone (1921), "the signal to begin dialing," which term soon will be the sole relic of the rotary phone.