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Word Example of - dialect

    Example Sentences for dialect

    It is, in fact, the Hand-organo dialect flavoured with Florentine.

    Unusual spelling and hyphenation in the dialect is retained as printed.

    Their language, which is similar to that spoken by their cousins, the Plain Crees, is also a dialect of the Algonquin tongue.

    Such a difference would produce a dialect in case of isolation.

    Most of the words are quite familiar to me, as I was curate of East Dereham in 1861-2, and heard the dialect daily.

    Certain words in very frequent use are, I believe, common to every dialect.

    They are in dialect, and the rusticity of their language harmonizes well with their naïve, homely sentiment.

    So it did in old Scotch, which still has not a few French words in its dialect.

    Most of this was done in the old Suabian high German dialect, and the basis of the modern German language was thus laid.

    Who would there be to understand him—to reply to him in dialect?

Word Origin & History of - dialect

    Word Origin & History

    dialect 1577, from M.Fr. dialecte, from L. dialectus "local language, way of speaking, conversation," from Gk. dialektos, from dialegesthai "converse with each other," from dia- "across, between" + legein "speak" (see lecture).

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