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Word Example of - dialogue

    Example Sentences for dialogue

    A glowing story, rapid In action, bright in dialogue with a fine courageous hero and a beautiful English heroine.

    From the seventh to the tenth century few dramas were produced with dialogue.

    With the dialogue at the end of the second version, compare No. 154, B.

    The action is carried on by a mixture of narrative, dialogue, and soliloquy.

    The characters are alive, and the dialogue is witty and diverting.

    The Doctor is listening to a dialogue that is as yet unspoken.

    The former took the alarm, and for the first time during the dialogue did he break silence.

    I replied, and we continued the dialogue about a quarter of an hour.

    One child represents an old woman, and the other players carry on the dialogue with her.

    In the Phædrus, a dialogue on the soul, the myth of Boreas is introduced.

Word Origin & History of - dialogue

    Word Origin & History

    dialogue early 13c., "literary work consisting of a conversation between two or more people," from O.Fr. dialoge, from L. dialogus, from Gk. dialogos, related to dialogesthai "converse," from dia- "across" + legein "speak" (see lecture). Sense broadened to "a conversation" c.1400. Mistaken belief that it can only mean "conversation between two persons" is from confusion of dia- and di-.

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