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The Synonym of - diameter (noun)

Word Example of - diameter

    Example Sentences for diameter

    Why it's an enormous altitude, my dear friend, if you compare it with the Moon's diameter.

    The feet are sixteen feet long, and the arms six feet in diameter.

    The Mandan circular community house was usually about 14 feet in diameter.

    He cut in two a stick eighteen centimeters in diameter in eighteen minutes.

    The tilting ring, suspended from the top of the arch, was not more than an inch in diameter.

    One was a small block of cedar, with an indentation in the centre, about two thirds of an inch in diameter.

    For in this living microcosm, only a small fraction (1/125) of an inch in diameter, there is condensed—who can imagine how?

    There were also a large number of villages within a circle of fifty miles in diameter, some of which belonged to other tribes.

    So we all went to work and made a raft of light dry sticks, twelve feet long by about eight inches in diameter.

    It was less than two feet in diameter, and its edges were jagged.

Word Origin & History of - diameter

    Word Origin & History

    diameter late 14c., from O.Fr. diametre, from L. diametrus, from Gk. diametros "diagonal of a circle," from dia- "across, through" + metron "a measure" (see meter (2)).

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