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Word Example of - diction

    Example Sentences for diction

    Style and diction in their supreme elation suit the lofty fervor of the sentiment.

    His ear was well-tuned, and his diction was elegant and copious.

    The third striking element in the diction of Heliodorus is the rhetorical.

    It may be remarked that the diction of Parts One and Two is not strictly correct.

    In diction worthy of the Augustan age, he presents us with no images that are not familiar to his countrymen.

    His manner, his voice, his diction, his fluency were alike the subject of praise.

    It is evident to me that Gray meant by this to stigmatise the diction of Joseph Warton, which is jejune, verbose, and poor.

    Her style and diction are remarkable for their purity and ease.

    In his excitement, Fibsy forgot his intended elegance of diction.

    He even carried the diction and manner of the rostrum into private life.

Word Origin & History of - diction

    Word Origin & History

    diction 1540s, from L.L. dictionem (nom. dictio), from L. "a saying, expression, word," from dic-, stem of dicere "speak, tell, say," related to dicare "proclaim, dedicate," from PIE base *deik- "to point out" (cf. Skt. dic- "point out, show," Gk. deiknynai "to prove," O.H.G. zeigon, Ger. zeigen "to show," O.E. teon "to accuse," tæcan "to teach").

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