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What is a better word for dictum? What's another word for dictum? What are 5 "dictum synonyms"? How can I replace the word dictum? What is the meaning of dictum in English?

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    Spinoza's dictum applies to what William James called the "psychologist's fallacy."

    Every one conceded that Smith's dictum would decide the contest.

    These at length joined in accepting the Dictum de Kenilworth, which they had seen scrupulously fulfilled in the case of others.

    How far back, then, can the dictum in these very words be traced?

    And listening, I seem to hear his dictum “Vanity”; for below is the market of fashion.

    And did he tell you my grandfather Carfax's dictum in the Banstock case?

    Vandenesse's involuntary shudder at her dictum plead more eloquently for him than all his past assiduity.

    Des Meloises looked as statesmanlike as he could when delivering this dictum.

    To give up the dictum, is to admit that mind may be the producing cause of its own volitions.

    She waited a moment, waited for the other to contradict or at least resent the dictum.

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