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Word Example of - difficulty

    Example Sentences for difficulty

    The difficulty then is not as to what could have been, but as to what is.

    There could be no difficulty in being properly attentive to her, so near as she is, could there?

    To old Moderate; I have a proposal to make that may remove every difficulty.

    We took a pilot, and as we had no difficulty in crossing the bar, we were soon in the river.

    There is little need to emphasize the difficulty of the task, twofold as it is.

    It appeared that he had followed the officers, but had some difficulty in finding "his boy."

    On reaching the Casino he found that he would have no difficulty in seeing the agent.

    The inner office was locked, but he had no difficulty in gaining admission.

    His voice had run off into a whisper so that we heard the last part with difficulty.

    But I should like to know if there will be any difficulty in proving it?

Word Origin & History of - difficulty

    Word Origin & History

    difficulty late 14c., from O.Fr. difficulte, from L. difficultatem (nom. difficultus), from difficilis "hard," from dis- "not, away from" + facilis "easy" (see facile).

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