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Word Example of - diffident

    Example Sentences for diffident

    Such are the encouragements with which the King of men welcomes the diffident.

    But you forget how diffident M. de Bois is, how distrustful of his own merits.

    Serious men, quiet and diffident, are most terrible in their explosions of wrath.

    It was so faint and diffident a knock, no wonder it passed unheeded.

    This topic is one requiring to be spoken of in a diffident spirit, and most guarded language.

    I shall say nothing of the miseries which embittered the life of the diffident boy.

    There was a pause; Stormont stood beside the bed, looking down at her with his diffident, boyish smile.

    Addressed to children who are diffident in accepting a "piece."

    The oppressive fear of criticism was gone, but a diffident loneliness remained.

    I tried to revive the subject, but he was reserved and diffident.

Word Origin & History of - diffident

    Word Origin & History

    diffident 1590s, from L. diffidentem, prp. of diffidere (see diffidence). Related: Diffidently.

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