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What is a better word for digest? What's another word for digest? What are 5 "digest synonyms"? How can I replace the word digest? What is the meaning of digest in English?

Word Example of - digest

    Example Sentences for digest

    It is difficult to digest even ordinary food taken in the unwholesome air of the shed at such an unearthly hour.

    The workers, who digest food for the whole tribe, feed them regularly.

    I'll leave you to digest the mixed metaphor undisturbed while I go below and help with the patients who have begun pouring aboard.

    He was evidently trying to comprehend and digest what she had said.

    If I'm content to absorb my knowledge in homeopathic doses, why must I be worried into swallowing more than I can digest?

    At this point it would give you too much to digest all at once.

    Scores of people came in from "round about," to wonder over and digest this wonderful "picter."

    No doubt they would have to take three or four days to digest that meal!

    They compose the petitions, digest the informations, and direct the whole proceedings.

    As to their clients, that is another thing; God knows they have much to digest!

Word Origin & History of - digest

    Word Origin & History

    digest "collection of writing," late 14c., from L. digestus, pp. of digerere "to separate, divide, arrange," from dis- "apart" + gerere "to carry."