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Word Example of - digit

    Example Sentences for digit

    The article also twies, ones in the digit, that other in the article.

    It holds in it always the warm soul of every digit of the moon.

    The crank is semi-circular, and one foot three palms and two digits long, as many digits wide, and one digit thick.

    If the answer is a digit, Here is e first case of is craft, e quych is is.

    The hook itself is a digit and a half thick; its straight stem is two palms long and two digits wide and thick.

    Sometimes in young individuals the second digit is also clawed.

    But although tridactyl, the axis of the limb passes through the fourth digit.

    The first digit is vestigial and the second, third, and fourth are clawed.

    Or else an iron disc one digit thick is used, or one of wood six digits thick, each of which is far superior to the shoe.

    This method may be used to find the second digit in the root.

Word Origin & History of - digit

    Word Origin & History

    digit late 14c., from L. digitus "finger or toe," related to dicere "tell, say, point out" (see diction). Numerical sense is because numerals under ten were counted on fingers.

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