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What is a better word for digital? What's another word for digital? What are 5 "digital synonyms"? How can I replace the word digital? What is the meaning of digital in English?

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    Example Sentences for digital

    A digital exploration should always be made to ascertain if any foreign or irritating substance is exciting the inflammation.

    Digital photography can be networked and endowed with dynamic qualities.

    Together with the digital artery it descends to near the basilar process of the os pedis.

    I have found some people to whom the digital effluvium appears as blue.

    Digital processes were not observed, perhaps owing to excessive maceration in preparation.

    This is especially true in the arts where digital skill is concerned.

    In order to make the digital edition as useful as possible, I have added this preface, a full table of contents, and two indices.

    These are the three aspects: the palmar, dorsal and digital.

    Apart from any ├Žsthetic considerations, the digital difficulties of the last five sonatas prevent their becoming common property.

    Laryngoscopic inspection and digital exploration are sufficient when the entrance into the oesophagus is involved.

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    Word Origin & History

    digital 1650s, "pertaining to fingers," from L. digitalis, from digitus (see digit). Meaning "using numerical digits" is from 1938, especially of computers after c.1945; in reference to recording or broadcasting, from 1960. Related: Digitize.