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Word Example of - dike

    Example Sentences for dike

    In the dike associations they have a right to vote if they are taxpayers or own property adjoining the dikes.

    Your argument about the perpendicularity of the dike strikes me as good.

    Once the dike is undermined, no power on earth can hold back the flood of waters from the defenceless lands beneath.

    February, fill the dike, be it black or be it white; if it's white, it's the better to like.

    A little boy in Holland saw water trickling from a small hole near the bottom of a dike.

    "We still have to talk over this matter of rebuilding the dike," he said.

    Dike's knapsack was still on his back, and his canteen at his hip, his helmet slung over his shoulder.

    After that, he dragged the corpse to the dike and threw it in.

    The piles of dead formed a dike, which turned back the waters.

    I jumped the dike and crossed the fields instead of taking the road.

Word Origin & History of - dike

    Word Origin & History

    dike O.E. dic "trench, ditch," from P.Gmc. *dik- (cf. O.N. diki, Du. dijk, Ger. Deich), from PIE base *dheigw- "to pierce, fasten" (cf. Skt. dehi- "wall," O.Pers. dida "wall, stronghold, fortress," Pers. diz). At first "an excavation," later (1487) applied to the resulting earth mound; a sense development paralleled by cognate forms in many other languages. This is the northern variant of the word, which in the south of England yielded ditch.

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