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Word Example of - dim

    Example Sentences for dim

    He was looking at the window-panes with his dim expressionless eyes.

    It was dim in the starlight, but he saw that she smiled slightly.

    Instead, she saw the dim white bulk of the sleeping stallion.

    He saw the far road that he had built, winding into the dim mountains.

    He bent over the animal, which raised its dim eyes to his and licked at his hands.

    Her eyes too were dim and the hot tears fell from them one by one.

    By the dim light from the street and the sky, he could see her face in faint outline.

    English of any leader, is often degraded to Duck, whence the dim.

    Brewer looked up with dim and wondering eyes, while Ralph further explained, and then he burst into tears.

    Love, Luff, occurs generally as a personal name, hence the dim.

Word Origin & History of - dim

    Word Origin & History

    dim O.E. dimm "dark, gloomy, obscure," from P.Gmc. *dimbaz. Not known outside Germanic. Slang sense of "stupid" is from 1892. The verb was also in O.E. Related: Dimly; dimmed.

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