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Word Example of - diminishing

    Example Sentences for diminishing

    The eccentricity of the earth's orbit has been diminishing from the earliest observations to our times.

    On the second, the total amount may be increasing or diminishing.

    I learnt, too, that the Iroquoian tribes were now increasing in numbers, and must not be looked upon as a diminishing people.

    He felt the diminishing weight of the four thousand dollars.

    The exalting of their own authority, the diminishing of the king's, were still the objects pursued by the majority.

    No wonder the buffalo should be each year diminishing in numbers!

    His evolution has been steadily in the direction of diminishing fertility and increasing parental care.

    Drainage raises the temperature in Spring by diminishing evaporation.

    Wolf Robe, diminishing to the value of a coyote, was riding straight towards the retreating women.

    Instead of diminishing employment, the Jacquard loom increased it at least tenfold.

Word Origin & History of - diminishing

    Word Origin & History

    diminish early 15c., from merger of two obsolete verbs, diminue and minish. Diminue is from O.Fr. diminuer "make small," from L. diminuere "break into small pieces," variant of deminuere "lessen, diminish," from de- "completely" + minuere "make small," from root of minus (see minus). Related: Diminished; diminishes; diminishing. Minish is from O.Fr. menuisier, from L. minuere.

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