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Word Example of - diminishment

    Example Sentences for diminishment

    Although the light was decreasing, I could perceive no diminishment in the apparent speed of the sun.

    For an instant there was no diminishment of the pace; then the horses head came down, and Jacks feet again touched earth.

    Not that this diminishment of her handwriting in any sense lessened the effect upon me of the sentiments it conveyed.

    Its population suffered some diminishment in the next two years in spite of its position on the main highway of trade.

Word Origin & History of - diminishment

    Word Origin & History

    diminish early 15c., from merger of two obsolete verbs, diminue and minish. Diminue is from O.Fr. diminuer "make small," from L. diminuere "break into small pieces," variant of deminuere "lessen, diminish," from de- "completely" + minuere "make small," from root of minus (see minus). Related: Diminished; diminishes; diminishing. Minish is from O.Fr. menuisier, from L. minuere.

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