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Word Example of - diminution

    Example Sentences for diminution

    This diminution of force was not, in itself, an object of much concern.

    Generation is distinct from destruction, increase and change of place from diminution, and so on.

    But they kept on and on unrelentingly, and still there was no sign of diminution of speed on the part of the Silver Cobweb.

    Not because there is any diminution in the charm of the lady, but because there (p. 251) is an end of hope.

    This shows a diminution of 21 per cent., and the current saying was 'Behold the success of their severity.'

    Madame's husband instantly showed a diminution of aggressiveness.

    On the contrary, his passion for learning seemed to increase with the diminution of the time available for its gratification.

    Is it any diminution of the gamester's fraud when he alledges that he has staked a counter?'

    Nay more, it would be fixed; for the labour, once over, is no longer susceptible of increase or diminution.

    He counted the minutes he lost in awaiting the diminution of floods.

Word Origin & History of - diminution

    Word Origin & History

    diminution c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. from diminuciun, Fr. diminution, from L. diminutionem, earlier deminutionem, noun of action from deminuere (see diminish).

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