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The Synonym of - dimness (noun)

Word Example of - dimness

    Example Sentences for dimness

    She went in, gazed around in the dimness, sighed deeply, and struck a match.

    But this tide is discerned, as it were, through a dimness of weltering mist.

    Juba's mind was dark, very dark, as dimness after bright sunlight in the eyes.

    Dimness while the maiden blushes; light when the maiden smiles.

    It was lighted by a subdued glow from coloured lanterns, but there was an occasional patch of dimness.

    The room was almost gloomy in its dimness, and so quiet that they could hear their own breathing.

    She seemed almost to be fading away in the dimness and in the noises of evening which rose from the Grande Rue.

    The summit of the cataract was utterly lost in the dimness and the distance.

    A dimness clouded Margaret's beautiful eyes as this bitter picture—she had watched it—was again reviewed.

    There must have been a dimness in his eyes and a quiver to his wide-lipped, generous mouth.

Word Origin & History of - dimness

    Word Origin & History

    dim O.E. dimm "dark, gloomy, obscure," from P.Gmc. *dimbaz. Not known outside Germanic. Slang sense of "stupid" is from 1892. The verb was also in O.E. Related: Dimly; dimmed.