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Word Example of - dingy

    Example Sentences for dingy

    That Sunday evening Aurora Lane sat alone in her dingy little home.

    They were on the second floor, small, dingy, choked with books.

    On sandbars some dingy, log-like shapes, beginning stealthily to move toward the water, were revealed as crocodiles.

    It was as if a London fog had trailed its dingy veil over everything.

    Sparrows twittered very noisily, and their shadows would sometimes slip across the dingy walls and ceiling.

    There is nothing so dignified as a dingy guy among the lights of Broadway.

    Looking very fresh, very stately, very handsome, she came like a bright vision into the lawyer's dingy office.

    No dingy desk-room up in some dark corner or attic, for them.

    The boy leaned against the window and looked out into the dingy street, his bright young face growing gloomy and overcast.

    The dingy, he said, was very light, and there was no need for him to call one of the men to help him.

Word Origin & History of - dingy

    Word Origin & History

    dingy 1736, Kentish dialect, "dirty," of uncertain origin, but probably related to dung.

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